Heineken UEFA Trophy Hunt iPhone App

Client: Heineken
Format: iPhone App & Facebook game

Summary: LBI Lost Boys created a global location-based messaging campaign for Heineken called ‘The Heineken Trophy Hunt’. In this campaign, fans of the well-known beer brand entered into a world-wide hunt for ‘Virtual Trophies’, which they searched for using their iPhones.

The campaign has made use of the brand-new Repudo technology, where a message, photo, or video can be created and dropped at a real-life physical location. To open a message, photo, or video, you first have to go to the actual spot to pick up the Repudo item. Once it has been picked up from that location, the Repudo disappears and exists only in your phone, where nobody else can catch it. You can then choose to keep your Repudo item or drop it at another physical location for someone else!

Fans of the Heineken brand could search for the virtual Heineken Trophies through the Heineken Facebook Page, where they could download and activate the Repudo application on their mobile phones. The Heineken Trophies were found everywhere around the world, and participants could win a once-in-a-lifetime chance to accompany the UEFA Champions League Trophy to Switzerland and Malaysia.

After brainstorming the concept together with the project team, I set to work with my marker pens to explore the ideas in a series of sketches which helped us present the concept to the client for their approval.

Heineken Concept Sketches

Then using Adobe Fireworks and Metaspark’s excellent iPhone UI toolkit, I was able to quickly put together a click-through prototype in which the details of the interaction could be worked out and handed over to the visual designer.

Heineken - Facebook ConnectHeineken InboxHeineken iPhone App PrototypeHeineken - Found Repudo

Finally, I laid out the individual steps in a flow to help communicate the final concept with the rest of the team responsible for the development of the iPhone app and branded Facebook page.

Press: Facebook Spotlight

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  1. Hi Patrick,
    Nice concept, realy like the execution.
    Good post about your process aswell.