Hello, I'm Patrick

An interaction designer based in Amsterdam


I have mastered several tools that play an important role in defining and communicating the user-experience. Depending on the project and the team, I am able to adapt my process and choose the best tools for the job.

Sketch 3

For visual interface design and production of assets ready for development, Sketch 3 is my preferred tool because of it's speed and optimal workflow.

Axure RP

I have tried many prototyping tools, but Axure remains my choice for it's balance of flexibility and speed which is essential for getting early feedback and iterating designs.

Adobe Creative Suite

Collaborating with teams that prefer to work with the Adobe suite is not a problem. I've used Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and Edge Animate extensively.


A deep understanding helps me impact the feasibility of designs, and collaborate with developers.  Sometimes I will code up specific behaviours such as responsive scaling.


Here are a few recommendations from collegues and clients via LinkedIn.

Formal references can be provided on request.

Patrick translated the proposition excellently into an effective interactive concept for our target students. He is open to difficult questions and knows how to translate that into improvements of the concept. The world needs more interaction designers like Patrick, who are able to translate strategy into effective and distinctive artwork. Great work, great results!

Jasper van Zanten, client

Patrick has the quality to think very user-centralised and has a nice graphical design 'signature' through out all his work. He has the ability to understand and adapt to various new technologies quickly and is also critical in what technique works best to the get the best result. Open minded, nice to discuss work-related challenges with and thorough in evaluating work, with good, to the point and secure feedback. Nice person to work with!

Sitan van Sluis, colleague

Patrick is a talented Producer who has a professional and enthusiastic approach. He has a can-do attitude and is comfortable working to tight deadlines. I am happy to recommend him.

Jo Parkinson, colleague

I regularly had the pleasure of working closely with him on several creative projects. He is a multi-talented individual, who focuses 100% on delivering excellence in everything he produces. He will be sorely missed.

Dean Stockton, former manager

Patrick is a highly capable and reliable Producer. In my experience, customers endorsed the quality and timeliness of his work, supported by a great attitude. I could always trust Patrick with clients to see jobs through to completion and build good relationships. Moreover, Patrick is the ultimate team player and a thoroughly nice bloke!

Neil Meadows, colleague

Patrick always provided an excellent common sense view of the problems we were trying to solve or the features we were trying to make. Patrick makes excellent storyboards, which greatly help in the technical design process.

While he can visualise a great product, he can also tackle technically complex ideas and tools. It was a pleasure to work with him.

Simon Elliot, colleague

Patrick worked for me as an interactive producer whilst at Chellomedia. He had a strong design background and was quick to pick up ideas and run with them. His work covered both creative and technical projects which he dealt with equally well. I would highly recommend him for work in the new media space.

John Denton, former manager

I worked with Patrick on a number of award winning interactive applications. Patrick has always been easy to work with and willing to go the extra mile to get things completed on time.

Charles Dawes, colleague

Patrick is a very talented designer that was responsible for our interactive user interfaces. He has an impressive knowledge of usability and understanding of how viewers engage with interactive services.

Paul Tarplee, former manager

What I do

Wireframing & specification

Communicating design solutions through clear schematics and detailed functional descriptions.

Rapid prototyping

Creating working models to explore and validate interaction, often as part of a Lean UX approach.

Visual UI design

Mobile & web UX


I work with clients from a range of sectors, from creative agencies to corporations, well known brands to small start-ups.  The best results come from working with a team that recognises the value of design and is able to balance the needs of the business and its users.

Translating strategy and objectives into effective user-experience concepts and user journeys.

Designing clean, clear visual interfaces, styleguides and meaningful animations that enhance the UX.

Selected work

I work together with clients and (agile) development teams to create the best possible digital experiences for their users.

With 15 years experience, I have an extensive portfolio that embraces UX for web, mobile apps and visual UI design. To respect client privacy, the following is only a small selection of projects. I would be delighted to meet in person and present a wider selection of recent work.


It would be great to hear from you and discuss whether I can be a good match for your team and projects.











+31 624 340 435